Munk Davis is a redneck novelist with environmental tendencies. His latest project...

SYNTROPY—BOY MEETS ANT is an upper middle grade, young adult, eco-sci-fi adventure in 99,000 words which holds appeal for science-minded teens and nerds of all ages. It's also a perfectly terrible story about a boy who turns into an ant.

Syntropy\'sin·trǝpē\ n: the innate drive in living matter to perfect itself.

Albert Szent-Gyoryi, Nobel Laureate

Inventive redneck, Booker T. Bakkus, has what appears to be an ideal life on an ideal farm producing genetically ideal crops. All is perfect for the country teen, except that his family and friends keep disappearing—in a variety of disheartening ways. With each successive loss, Booker is progressively compelled toward solving the mystery surrounding his father’s death and to search for the man who may hold the answers, his grandfather, the estranged geneticist Archibald Theodore Bakkus. But his cross-country journey attracts the attention of the professor’s old lab partner, and Booker’s less than stable uncle, Milton Fist. A brilliant geneticist in his own right, Milton’s good intentions may just devastate the world’s food crops—not to mention Booker himself.

Damselfly image courtesy of Arend at Wikimedia

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